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ChapStick Strawberry SPF 15

ChapStick Strawberry SPF 15
  • ChapStick Strawberry SPF 15


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Product Description

Purchase ChapStick Strawberry SPF 15 online from Meds at Home today.

Everyday lip protection to soften and moisturise with SPF 15.

For lip health trust ChapStick.

Your lips are in use all day, every day. With their delicate structure and constant exposure, they really benefit from year-round protection and care.

As the experts in lip health, ChapStick can help everyone achieve healthy looking lips that feel great.

ChapStick Strawberry has been uniquely formulated to soothe, soften and nourish lips while preventing moisture evaporation.

The formula includes:
Vitamin E.
Carnauba Wax.
SPF 15 Sunscreen.

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Store Below 25 C.

Preperation and Usage

Apply frequently throughout the day, especially before exposure to the sun, wind or cold weather.

Contains Oxybenzone.

Net Content

1 x Lip Balm

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