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Salivix Dry Mouth Relief Pastilles (Pack of 50)

Salivix Dry Mouth Relief Pastilles (Pack of 50)
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Product Description

Sugar Free Pastilles – Best to use for dry mouth and helps replace missing saliva.

Salivix is a natural salivary stimulant for frequent occurrence of dry mouth caused due to various reasons.It is an instant saliva formulator which works as soon as it enters the mouth. The person needs to suck it slowly to experience effective results.

Usage Directions: One pastille to be sucked in occurrence of dry mouth

Side Effects and Precautions: Do not consume the pastille in case of allergies to any of the ingredients used

Ingredients: Gum ArabicLycasinCalcium LactateSodium PhosphateXylitolMalic AcidFlavouringColour (E160e)

Each pack contains: 50 Sugar Free Salivix Pastilles

Storage: Store the pastilles in normal room temperature. Keep away from the sight and reach of children, infants and pets